MÜRAROSY 17, 28, 28/4 und Kreuz 5/50


The environment-friendly paving spacer MUERAROSY (DBGM)is intended to ensure absolutely even pre-determined spacing between the paving stones laid. This creates perfect overall spacing, guarantees good drainage and permits permanent horticulture.
The spacers are inserted perpendicular to the laying surface where the joints cross. One cylindrical element is laid between each pair of opposing paving stones, its diameter determining the space width. A spacer with 4 cylindrical elements can also be used where spaces cross. MÜRAROSY 33
MÜRAROSY Schiene 4 und 7 The MUERAROSY environment-friendly paving stone spacer is made of environment-friendly, weatherproof plastic (PE + PP) and permanently performs its function provided the paving has the required resistance to normal traffic loads.
As the cylindrical elements are hollow, rainwater can drain through them into the soil. The space within the tubular elements is filled with soil to permit planting of the spaces/joints. MÜRAROSY 28

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